September 20, 2017

Organizing my Pop Up

As you know pop ups do not have a ton of storage so you have to get creative. 
Here are a few organizational ideas I did in ours.

I'll start first with the open bench. On one side I covered some foam and made a cushion but on the other I wanted to put a shelf to keep all of our food and such. 

My shelf, I love this shelf. I found the shelf at Target and the tubs at IKEA. The shelf lays right under my table when it is time to put the camper down.

I store all of our food in the tubs while we are camping. I keep my little coffee pot on top on a tray (IKEA). 

Next, are some actual camping pictures with all of our food and drinks stored. 

In the red clip bottles I keep our adult beverages :), so I don't have carry class containers.  I love how the bottles just clip to my wire shelf!! 

The sink! I found the fold up wire rack at Amazon, I use it as extra counter space or to dry dishes. I also love my dish drying rack and mat, it folds up nicely when I am not using it. I found the little sponge holder at Amazon as well. 

I store both of my racks in this IKEA file holder. I also installed this cute bear bottle opener as well!

Cabinet under the bench--I keep our tools down here, there isn't much room for anything else.

The under the SINK AREA--

Small cabinet by the door--this thing is small and skinny, but works perfect for dishes.

Under the table benches-- this is where I get most of our storage!! 

Table Display-- I love this little storage area, I put fruit/snacks here as well as our plastic stuff.
 I found the 2 tier holder at Target. The cute Crochet Mason Jar Cover at my friend's Easy shop.

Well, thats it-hope you enjoyed it! 

Find my pop up make over here.

July 21, 2017

Pop Up Camper Makeover

This is not really teaching related but I had to share my pop up makeover!

My husband has wanted a pop up camper and has been combing sale sights for a few years now! I was not totally sold on the idea of a pop up and kept holding off until one day I finally gave in to a convincing argument. He found a great deal on a pop up and it came from a wonderful family! We drove out and picked it up. 
Bringing Coleman home!    

For the most part our new pop up (the boys named it Coleman) was in great condition...bUT I just wanted to make a few updates. My husband is in the Air Force and gone quite a bit so I did all the updates by myself while he was gone on trips. 
Thank you to The Pop Up Princess for so many cool pop ups to check out and inspire me.

Here are some pictures of Coleman in the beginning. 

 The first thing I did was take down all the old curtains and valances. I made sure to keep all the plastic tabs that connect the curtains (I did reuse those). 

Next, I took the covers off of the beds and the cushions. I recovered the cushions but kept the originals under the new covers. 
I threw the old covers in the washing machine and I laid the pads outside to air out. I sprayed the pads from the cushions and beds with a water/vinegar mixture and sprinkled them with baking soda once they were dry. 

 IMPORTANT! Make sure you remember where and how certain things go on the cushions and in the camper. 
I took photos! 

NOW, I CLEANED and I CLEANED. I wiped down everything and cleaned out all the cabinets. 

The first update I did was to paint the stove top. I just used a white appliance epoxy and spray painted. It turned out great and was so easy to do.

Now onto the fun parts the curtains and cushion covers. Here are the fabrics, rugs and colors I chose. 

The curtains by the beds. 

For the bed curtains I found a throw I liked at IKEA. I bought two and just cut them in half and hemmed the ends. 

 For the curtain tie-backs I found napkins on sale a World Market. I cut strips and hemmed them up!

 TA-DA all done!  

 Now, the regular curtains. This was the easiest job of all, I stumbled across blackout curtains at Walmart that were exactly the length and color that I wanted-I didn't have to sew a thing!!! 

The only difficult part with the curtains was deciding the best way to reattach the plastic tabs that hung the curtains. I tried a few items and finally ended up with safety pins. 

 The cushion covers!! Well, these were not that easy. I have okay sewing skills, but these took a few hours and lots and lots of measuring and remeasuring. I found this post to be very helpful! I followed this tutorial to sew the boxed corners. 
I bought my fabric at IKEA. 

Here are some pictures from the cushion process. 

For my next project I made a cushion to go along one of the sides. I found the foam and fabric at my local Michaels Craft Store. 
I followed the same tutorials as I did for the chair cushions.

What came next was not easy but I am so happy I did it...the floors!

 I headed to lowes and picked out my color and style. I chose Stainmaster Peel-and-Stick Stone Vinyl Tile it is $1.28 a piece. I used about 44 sheets in all. I soon figured out that pop up camper floors are not even. To start I just cleaned my floors really well. I did stagger mine, which was a lot more work BUT I am so happy with the way it turned out-SO HAPPY! 

Here are some before and after pictures of the floors. 

 I found my rugs at World Market!

After the BIG things were done I started installing some personal touches.

 My shelf, I love this shelf. I found the shelf at Target and the tubs at IKEA. The shelf lays right under my table when it is time to put the camper down.
I store all of our food in the tubs while we are camping.

 That is my makeover! We love our Coleman!
Here are some more before and afters!



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