January 10, 2019

Learning Letters Hands-On

I created this bundle while I was working with my own son. I wanted something he could do each week that would be fun and engagingand of course I wanted him to learn his letters! 
I thought I would share some ideas for several of the pages. 

These are super fun. There is a color version and a black and white version. You can also get these separately. 

I use these as my hanging alphabet and to help students illustrate pictures that start with the letter. 

Below are more examples of the letter pages. 
Some of the different items we loved to use with our letter activities...
letter stamps
mini erasers
and more!!! 

If you would like to check the pages out you can try Letter A for FREE! 

You can get the bundle or purchase each letter individually!   

July 26, 2018

Word Wall Posters

Different word wall ideas!
Great ideas for elementary ages!


I homeschool my boys and I do not have a ton of space for a word wall but I didn’t want to go without one. I will have a kindergartener and a 3rd grader this year so I needed a word wall that would fit both boys.
I wanted a set for my kinder guy that had sight words and the letters; I couldn’t find what I wanted so I made a set. I decided to use math words as the letter picture instead of the standard letter pictures. Here is the finished product.

This set is editable and can by printed in 3 different sizes. 

This is the set I used last year! I love the fun colors! 

 I also stumbled across this fantastic set in a Facebook post from Think Grow Giggle, I absolutely love this idea and it went perfect with my word set!! - I am using this set for my 3rd grader! 

I love the way it all turned out! 

March 29, 2018

Bye Bye Bunny - A Peep Experiment

This experiment is so fun and it goes perfectly with one of my favorite bunny stories. 

I created a FREEBIE to go along with the experiment.  

I always start off this experiment by reading the book; 
the Easter Bunny is Missing by Steve Metzger.

For the experiment, you will use four different liquids. You will put a peep in each liquid. 
You want to see which liquid dissolves the peep the best, fastest, slowestetc.

After we read the book we make a web to decide which liquids we are going to use. We list our liquids, and then we discuss how we think each liquid will work. After we discuss each liquid we circle the four we decide to use in our experiment.

Before we cover the peeps with the liquids I have the students complete number one in this FREEBIE. (observation form) They will be predicting which liquid will work the best.

Pour the liquids. WOW! The hot water started dissolving right away!

You can either have your class observe the peeps for the hour, day or even over a few days. 
For this experiment we just let our peeps set for about an hour.

Last, the students will complete the rest of their observation form.

Have fun!!