April 27, 2017

HP Instant Ink

Have your heard of HP Instant Ink
Do you print from home? 
Do you love printing in COLOR
I do, and I was totally spending a fortune on ink. When I was in the classroom and I needed to print in color I either printed at home (which cost a fortune in ink) or I paid about .20 cents per page. Now that I am homeschooling and running my little home business I really print at home and in color... a lot. 
I was spending about $30 to $60 a month on ink.
BUT, I found the HP Instant Ink program

I was ready to jump on board until I discovered my printer did not qualify (you do have to have an eligible printer), OKAY I was out-forget it I was not buying a printer to save money on ink. I went two more months and in that time I spent on ink what could have bought me two eligible printersgrrrr! 
I gave in and hunted Amazon for an eligible printer that was a good price.

I got this printer but actually called HP and they overnighted a refurbished one for around $50.

The reason you have to have an eligible printer is your printer uses the Internet to let them know when to send more ink. 

Follow along to see how the process works! 

Step 1

Here is the list of eligible printers. 

Step 2 

HP has 3 plans.

If you do go over it is only $1 for each additional 15, 20 or 25 pages (depending on your plan). AND if you do not use all your pages in a month they rollover to the next month.
You don not pay shipping or any extra fees-just your monthly total!

I use the 300 page plan which is $9.99 a month. I do go over sometimes. Here is a screenshot of one of my months.
I went over my 300 pages this month but only had to pay $1 extra. SO...for about $10 I printed 340 pages!

The rollover part is amazing! 
If you have the 50 page plan and do not print at all that month the entire 50 pages will rollover. 

Step 3 

Step 4

Step 5
This part is awesome-your ink will just show up in the mail when you are running low.

This program is awesome and I promise you will not regret it! Right now HP has a coupon code for your first 3 months FREE!
Just enter promo code 3MONTHS at checkout! 

Here are some eligible printers from Amazon


April 20, 2017

Earth Day with Where's the Elephant?

I love this book! I first found this book on a BLOG post at Rock Your Homeschool - Amy's post lists some great books for Arbor Day.

I used Where’s the Elephant? for Earth Day but it could be used for so many lessons. The book does not actually have any words but still manages to teach a wonderful lesson about deforestation. 

Where’sthe Elephant? really gets students thinking!

I created a FREEBIE and have it posted in my TPT store - so help your self! :) 

Below I will show off our craft but the FREEBIE has many more activities!

Head over to Amazon to order the book and over to Amy’s BLOG to find some more great books!

March 24, 2017

Me on the Map!

For some reason my students have a difficult time and often confuse state-country-continent. 
This little flip book helped out a ton, along with the book Me on the Map!

Read on to my FREEBIE!

If you are making these for a classroom of students I would just make patterns and let them trace each circle onto paper, rather than making copies for each child. 

First, we started off reading the book, Me on the Map

I also use this vocabulary to help my students!

Now, onto the flip book!
Here is an example of each page. 

Have fun and share a picture of how your flip books turned out in the comments! 

March 23, 2017

Lion and the Mouse

We love this story! I like to read several different versions of The Lion and the Mouse, so we can compare each version.
 I found all of my books at Amazon.

After we read and compared each version we discussed morals and how many lessons the story taught us.

Next, we did our lion directed drawing. I found a painting that I loved here. I turned it into a directed drawing.

We used Oil Pastels to color this time. Oil pastels are such a fun way to color and add a neat look to kid’s artwork.

After we were done with our drawing. We did a little craft. Here is what we used for our craft.
    1. paper plate
    2. string for the trap
    3. string for the mouse tail
    4. Lion drawing

1. We glued our picture to a paper plate.

2. Cut slits into our paper plate.

3. Laced the yarn around the slits to look like the trap. 

4. Add a cute, little mouse.

Check out these versions!