February 3, 2017

Valentine's Day Guy Gifts

 I always have a difficult time finding gifts for my husband, Especially for Valentine’s Day. So I combed through Amazon and found some ideas. 
Here is a list of some fun gift ideas for your husbands or boyfriends!

2. Favorite Team T-Shirt

7. Echo

8. Echo Dot  
9. Coffee Mug

10. Big Bag Gummi Bears

13. Tumbler

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February 2, 2017

Melting Snowmen

You guys this activity is so fun and packed with learning opportunities
  • Matter
  • Cause and Effect
  • Predicting
  • Art
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Writing
  • Problem and Solution
  • Measuring
  • and more!!

Here is what I do!

First, I read the book, “Sneezy the Snowman.” This book is adorable! Sneezy keeps trying to warm up but melts every time. The children keep rebuilding but he keeps melting.

1: We first discuss what we think will happen when we combine vinegar and baking soda.
2. We decide all we need for our snowman. For example make a hat out of felt, use popsicle sticks for arms, add buttons, etc).
3. In a bowl combine 2 cups of baking soda and 2 tbsp. of salt. Add 1 tsp. of dish soap and mix it very well. Last, add 8 tbsp. of water and form the dough into balls.
4. Make a snowman and add the details, i.e. nose, arms, etc.
5. Now, spray your snowman with the vinegar and watch your snowman disappear! Or just dump it on!

Sneezy made it back to being a snowman but our snowmen were not that lucky!

This and more is included in my Snowman Unit!

January 24, 2017

Martin Luther King

We always have a wonderful time learning about Martin Luther King and the impact he made on our country.

I created a bundle that includes:

1. Comprehension Questions for 18 Black History Month Books
2. Vocabulary Posters and Vocabulary Word Activities
3. Writing
4. Craft
5. Graphic Organizers
6. Color Pages

My favorite activity is the art project and student writing! 
I just love how cute their MLKs turn out!

Here are some of my favorite MLK activities!

 Directed Drawing from Mrs Miners Monkey Business

Fact and Opinion Sort from Swimming into Second

January 18, 2017

Adjective Sticks

This is such a fun and simple way to practice adjectives
or any part of speech! 
I love to put these sticks at a center. The kids can write each sentence and circle the adjectives or they can just make a chart with only adjectives.
****Have your higher kids create a T-chart by also finding the nouns and verbs on the sticks!!

Have fun!

You can also make a class anchor chart-
Find all the nouns, verb and adjectives together!