August 29, 2015

Math Workshop

Math Workshop!

I LOVE Math Workshop and so do my students! We just had our second week of school but my 2nd graders are already getting started and learning all the routines of workshop.

Thank you to Clutter-Free Classroom for this awesome Math Workshop Rotation Board! My students love having this visual.

I use six rotations in my Math Workshop.

Table 1 Teacher’s Choice Hands on
I change out this table every few days.
This week the kids were working on number words. They were matching them in the pocket chart then writing the word on the Dry ErasePockets. By the way thank you to Peppy Zesty Teacherista for showing me these! I get mine from Amazon. I got the 25 pack SO WORTH IT!! You can find the number words writing activity for free in my TPT store.

          Table 2  Teacher’s Choice  Hands on

I change out this table every few days. At this table the kids were working with number relations using hundred charts. 

             Table 3  Teacher’s Choice  Hands on

I change out this table every few days.

At this table the kids are working with addends and sums.  You can find the addend and sum activity for free in my TPT Store.

Table 4  Mad Minutes 

This table is always the same. The kids will just do what level they are on.

I found my Mad Minutes at MC Creations. The kids do so good here they just grab a timer and see how many times they can do their mad minute before it is time to rotate.

Table 5  Work with the Teacher

At this table the kids will work with me. This is when we will really work hard on the new concept or practice an old one. If the kids finish with me before it is time to rotate they get to do a math game on the computer. 

Table 6  Board and iPads 

This area the kids may use the Epson smart pens to solve the math page or they can do a math activity on the iPads. I am using a page by Amy Lemons on the board. 

Check out this post for more great activities for Math Workshop! here for more math resources 

Starting Off the Year with an Empty Basket

For the most part in my class we use community supplies. Of course I get those sad faces and every once in a while an upset parent but once I explain my reasoning everything is usually all good! 

Why is the basket empty on the first day? The basket is empty because how the concept is taught the first few days of school can determine successful utilization of classroom supplies.
Some say community supplies does not teach students to take care of their own things, but I disagree. My students are responsible for keeping their group supplies organized, in good shape, and well kept.

I teach my students WITH A LOT OF DETAIL about how to take care of and use each supply. I teach each supply one at a time! I created the posters below and keep them up in the classroom. My students chant these little rhymes all year long!

I use the following rhymes:

Tip Up Before You Cup!
Let the Ink Sink!
Hear the Click Before You Stick!
A Big Space is a Waste!
Scissors Down Safe and Sound!
When You’re Through Close the Glue!
A Dot Does A Lot! A Line is Fine!
Put On the Top When You Stop!

Here is what my supply baskets look like. Each item has a particle place and the students work hard to keep them clean. 

Click on the picture to see what I do during my first week of school!