October 22, 2015

How does a Spider Eat?

I have the best SPIDER SCIENCE ACTIVITY, and it’s a FREEBIE!! This is a classroom favorite every year!

Read on to see what all I do with Spiders. 

I love to add a little spider information around Halloween. 
This year I did an entire week of spiders! 
I bought an amazing unit from Clutter Free Classroom. 

Everything in this Spider Unit was perfect!

I did make my own vocabulary posters to hang-I like for my kids to have a color visual of their vocabulary words. Find these here! 

 Here are some of things we did this week!

I told you the Clutter Free Classroom Unit is amazing!

Now check out my favorite, the experiment!

Here are the steps to this totally awesome experiment!
Get my FREEBIE here.

STEP 1 - I always do this whole group on the floor. 
I have the kids get the Spider Food! paper (in the packet) 
and a clipboard. 
I give each child a little white cup, 
they draw a spider web on the cup. 

STEP 2 - Add the sugar cube to the cup. 
We answer #1. 
We discuss how the insect gets stuck in the net, 
and how the spider wraps the insect in silk.

STEP 3 - The spider uses its fangs to paralyze its prey. 
The kids pretended the straws were fangs.

STEP 4 - The spider dribbles digestive juices on the insect turning its insides from a solid to a liquid.
    STEP 5 - The Spider slurps out the insect’s insides. 
                All that is left of the insect is wings and skin.
              Have the kids look in the bottom of their cup!