October 31, 2016

Spelling and Phonics – Interactive – QUICK PREP - FUN!

Well a little, just run a few copies!

I know we try and stay away from copies and worksheets but these ideas are quick, interactive, easily differentiated and will keep your students engaged!

I do phonics daily but I always use one entire ELA block for “Spelling Workshop” it is one of my favorite times of the week. It is a perfect time to meet with my low kids and still challenge my high kids. The kids, for the most part, work quietly-stay engaged and are learning!

I am homeschooling my first grade son right now and could not find a phonics bundle that had everything that I wantedso I made one

Each phonics lesson has over 20 pages that can be used in many different ways. I have a bundle on TPT right now but each lesson is also sold separately.

I learned quickly when I started teaching that students enjoy using different "things/items"! 
I use different items from my room any chance I get! I train my students early on, we keep a ROUTINE, and we have fun!
Here are some things I use for my phonics and spelling block.

I use pages from my Phonics Bundlebut use what you have!

Here are some of my favorite items to use...

Bingo Stampers



Dry-erase Pockets

Scented Markers


Alphabet Stamps

Picture Stamps

Pocket Chart

Bright Paper

Letter Magnets


Scented Markers

Little Erasers



Smart Board

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October 28, 2016

What Do I Buy A Guy Teacher?

What should I get my child’s teacher? 

What do I get my child’s teacher that’s a guy?? 

Well, here is a bunch of ideas that is sure to please any guy teacher! 

You can never go wrong with this idea, your teacher can use it for classroom items or on themselves!
Did you know you can get tons of different gift cards on Amazon
Here is a few that made the list!