July 11, 2015


Does anybody have filing cabinets full of files?
I DID, I had THREE!! 
I worked this summer and took home all my files.
1. I cleaned them out!
2. I got rid of everything I hadn’t used in a year!
3.  I got rid of everything that I had copies of on my computer.
Here is what my files looked like before!

My files are SO much smaller!
This will be so nice when I am pulling for next year!
This is what I did next!
1.  I made adorable new & EDITABLE binder labels.

2.   I sorted all my files by what I taught each month.
I put each group in page protectors! 
Most of my groups fit fine in regular sheet protectors.
I found a great deal on sheet protectors at Amazon!

Some of my groups needed more room so I bought the expandable sheet protectors. They sell them on Amazon but I found them cheaper at my local Office Max.


  1. I am so happy that I read your blog post! This is EXACTLY what I need to do! Thank you

    1. YES! I felt so much better after and a year later it has stayed organized!

  2. NICE!! I love the moment after organizing and clean, and hope that it will last longer. Good for you, it looks very nice.

  3. This is FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing & encouraging me to do something I have been putting off for far too long.