October 1, 2016

Teaching with Apples

I love this time of year, and I really love teaching this time of year. I love the chance to really dig into a theme and hit all subject areas!!
Well, apples are one of my favorites!

I GET OUT ALL MY APPLE AND JOHNNY BOOKS, I love for the kids to have these handy and read one every chance I get! I created a packet that has comprehension questions for14 Apple Books

My September binder is packed with tons of apple ideas, examples, projects and more so I will just post a few of my favorites!

My most favorite activity is making applesauce
 in the crockpot. 

I make this every year with my students and continued it this year (I am homeschooling my preschool and first grader). I love this recipe because you do not have to peel the apples and the smell of apples cooking fills the room all day.

The applesauce recipe is so simple!


Although, you do not have to peel the apples, I do like to peel them just so the kids can watch and help use the apple peeler and corer. I have this one, it is awesome! It peels, slices and cores the apples.

I have made this for the last 6 years, most years I did not have time to peel all the apples.

The boys loved helping measure and add all the ingredients.

I almost always start this off with two lessons one on matter because the apples will turn from a solid to a liquid (kind of) and a Social Studies close reading about how apples go from the orchard to the store.

I almost always start applesauce off with two lessons.

The first one is on matter because the apples will turn from a solid to a liquid (kind of). 

I created a Science with Apples Bundle to go along with this activity it has matter posters, follow up pages and more! 
A lot of the activities below are found here!

The second is a Social Studies close reading about how apples go from the orchard to the store. Head over to the Readworks site, they have tons of apple close readings, and they are all FREE!! 

 Here are some more of my favorites!

I love having these Apple Picture Cards handy while the kids are working! 

1. Johnny Directed Drawing
I found this directed drawing at TEACHER bits & bobs.

The directed drawing always a class favorite. 
We also add Johnny characteristics. 
Here is a video of my Max. He is teaching about his Johnny Appleseed drawing. 

2. Life Cycle Drawing, Writing and Painting

3. Johnny Appleseed Close Reading 

4. Apple Tree Painting

6. Apple  Mobiles

7. Apple Lego Tree STEM Challenge

8. Johnny Appleseed Writing and Art 



10. Apple Life Cycle Art

11. Fun Color Pages

12. More Apple Life Cycle

13. Apple Fact and Opinion

14. Apple Parts

15. Apple Senses 

16. Apple Graphing

17. Glitter Apples

Here are some great APPLE books!


  1. I student taught in 1st grade, and we did lots of apple activities. All of these look like so much fun!

    1. Thank you for the comment, apple week is one of my favorites!