March 23, 2017

Lion and the Mouse

We love this story! I like to read several different versions of The Lion and the Mouse, so we can compare each version.
 I found all of my books at Amazon.

After we read and compared each version we discussed morals and how many lessons the story taught us.

Next, we did our lion directed drawing. I found a painting that I loved here. I turned it into a directed drawing.

We used Oil Pastels to color this time. Oil pastels are such a fun way to color and add a neat look to kid’s artwork.

After we were done with our drawing. We did a little craft. Here is what we used for our craft.
    1. paper plate
    2. string for the trap
    3. string for the mouse tail
    4. Lion drawing

1. We glued our picture to a paper plate.

2. Cut slits into our paper plate.

3. Laced the yarn around the slits to look like the trap. 

4. Add a cute, little mouse.

Check out these versions! 


  1. These activities are so engaging and motivating! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing. It is such a good post with cute photos and activities.


  3. Thank you for using my Guide and if it work for you that makes me happy