My Classroom

First of all I want to start off saying I did not buy everything in one go! I have taught preschool, kindergarten,1st or 2nd grade for the last 11 years, so I had acquired a lot of teaching stuff (just ask my husband)!

I was a classroom teacher before and I LOVED being in the classroom but I love being home with my boys more. 
We recently moved from New Mexico to California, once we found out we were moving I knew I wanted to homeschool my boys. 

I chose to homeschool not because I did not trust in my local school district but because I wanted to be home with my boys!

When we got to California and began looking for our new home I knew I needed a space to have my classroom. I could not be happier with the house we chose and the way our little homeschool area turned out.

I am homeschooling my first grader and preschooler so I have to keep resources/supplies/curriculums for two different ages. 
I know some of you out there homeschool even more ages, that is a lot to keep organized - props to you! 

Max                                   Owen

I wanted a space where everything was right within my reach, bright, organized, and fun for the boys. I wanted a place we wanted to spend time. A place where the boys wanted to go on their own to play, to read, be creative and explore.

Our classroom is located to the right of our living room; it actually works great and flows perfectly. 

I did have most of the stuff but I needed furniture, so I headed to IKEA to find what I needed. I was lucky to actually live near an IKEA this time! The only items I bought was the two tall white shelves, the student work area, and the bench with yellow drawers. The rest came with me my from time in the classroom. 

Now, time for the tour of our classroom and how I keep it organized. Most of the items are from IKEA or Amazon. 

Here it is!
That window is amazing, our classroom is always so bright! 

Let's take a closer look at each area. I will show you how I organize and where I found everything.

Here is a closer look at our fun, magnetic USA map. We keep pictures of all our families on the map. A family friend made this for me, we adore it! Thanks again to Cale and the Sherwood family! 

We use the green basket on the floor to keep our library books. This is a great idea so when it is time to return them they are always kept in the same place. Baskets from Big Lots.

I bought the large white shelf at IKEA it is actually a garage shelf BUT suits our needs perfectly! AHHHH, organization! 

I love the hooks that came with it and hang off the side. 

 I organized a lot of our supplies into jars I had saved. 
I think it looks so neat arranged on the top.

I use these awesome, little boxes for SO MUCH STUFF!! They are from IKEA and super cheap!   

I bought both of these organizers from Family Dollar. 

I keep all of my math stations in these binders. I found the binders  at Amazon and Big Lots. I made the labels, you can find them here.
Here is a post about how I organized my binders

I love these things, I found them at Amazon. They are sturdy and perfect to separate all of our paper colors.

To the right of our big shelf is our anchor chart and small magnet board. I found the apple chart and magnetic ten frames at Amazon. I found the magnet board at Lakeshore. 


To the right of the apple chart is our What's My Place, What's My Value board. I love this area and so does Max! I also hang art and work in this area.

                                                                             ⇦ I hang Max's unit vocabulary in sheet protectors so he can easily grab and use them as needed. I get the sheet protectors in bulk from Amazon.

Under the window is my IKEA storage bench.
 I store all of our math manipulative in the drawers. 

On top of the bench I store the books we are currently reading, calendar supplies, letter stamps and the boys' journals. 
I divide the boys journals using two baskets. 
I found most of the baskets from Big Lots.

To the right and left of the bench I keep these IKEA bins. They stack and blend right in with my shelf. These are great, inexpensive storage solutions.


Calendar Area 

Next, is my antique, yellow shelf (I love this shelf). I keep our globe on top. My laminator in the middle. At the bottom I keep my extra resources and curriculum. 

I bought another white IKEA shelf, just a smaller version.  
I keep mostly resources in this area. 

The shelf on top is where I organize what the boys are doing each day of the week. I preplan my week and put the daily activities in each folder. I use blue for Max and green for Owen. 
The bottom, purple folder is where I keep Max's completed work that has to be saved. 
I love having colorful file folders on hand.

I found my tape roll from Amazon. I also found the best printer and sharpener I have ever owned from Amazon as well! 
Read here how I print 100 pages a month for only $5!


I organize a lot of my resources by months. I store these in white, labeled binders. I made the labels, you can find them here
Here is a post about how I organized my binders

AHH, my desk area. I 💙 this area. My mom and brother gave me the antique desk and my father-in-law scored us a SWEET deal on the boys' computer. My computer is the one with the pretty cover. I found my chair at IKEA and the chair mat at Big Lots. 

Arn't they cute, working together?

Right next to my shelf I use a dry erase pocket to hold our schedule. Max is on one side Owen on the other. 

My favorite area besides my desk is the boys' work area. I bought the desk top and the two draw sets at IKEA. This work area is amazing and has tons of storage. 

For the marker holder I just covered cans. 
I found the crayon holder at IKEA. 

                                                                    ⇦ I found the chairs at IKEA.                            They were not expensive at all!

The drawers, these are perfect for storage. 
Here is a few pictures of what I keep in the drawers. 


I also hang ⇩ pocket charts off of the large desk! 


Fun with Granny!


  1. Wow! You have completely inspired me. Your room is fantastic. I love all of your IKEA purchases, too! Thanks for sharing.

    PS - your kids are TOO CUTE!

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    1. Ha, thank you! We did get very lucky with our new place :)

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  9. Penny is my CT, and she told me to check out your blog and resources. I am a former elementary school teacher (I taught k-3 before having kids)l and now homeschool. 8, 6, and 5. :) It looks like you have a lot of fun with your boys.

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